B-Grade Bar Mops 1175-1200 Pack Each Bale



B-Grade Bar Mops 1175-1200 Pack Each Bale

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Stripped Bale contains ONE color: Green, Blue & Gold

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  • Striped B bar mops
  • White B Bar mops
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These are general purpose 100% cotton cleaning towels. Each bale is a mix of 26oz, 28oz, 30oz, and 32oz. Grade B 2nd’s Bar Mops, Bales are 176 lbs, and come in All WHITE or CENTER COLORED STRIPED. The number of wipers in a bale can vary depending on the different weight towels that make the bale. You get about 1160 to 1200 in a 176 lbs bale. Stock availability can vary, we don’t manufacture seconds, they are by product of first run production. Second Grade B” Bar Mops are most popular in the restaurant business for cleaning and wiping where a terry towel is needed. 100% cotton, Terry bar mop towels are thick and highly-absorbent, can tackle tough cleaning tasks mopping up spills quickly. These Bar Mops are fully hemmed terry, hemmed on all four sides. Wash and dry prior to first use for best performance. Sold by the weight 176 lbs bale.


  • 100% Cotton wiping towel
  • Each bale is a mix of 28oz, 30oz, and 32oz
  • Grade B 2nd’s Bar Mops
  • Bales are 176 lbs
  • Thick
  • Highly-absorbent
  • Can tackle tough cleaning tasks
  • Fully hemmed terry
  • Hemmed on all four sides.
  • Wash and Dry
  • Sold by the weight 176 lbs


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