Reclaimed Color Knit Rags



Reclaimed Color Knit Rags


133 Pound Bale $197.62

30 Pound Box $56.19

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  • 133LBS/Bale
  • 30LBS/Box
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Our reclaimed color knit t-shirt rags are great for general maintenance jobs and woodworking. Cut from cotton shirts these rags are very absorbent and ideal for any type of cleaning as they are virtually lint free.  Light weight economy wiper can be used for every day cleaning. The reclaimed wiping rags are pre-washed for absorbency.

Sizes vary – Minimum size 13″x 12″
T-Shirt Material


  • Color T-Shirts Rags
  • High Cotton Content
  • Absorbent
  • Pliable
  • Perfect For Light To Medium-Duty Wiping
  • Sold by the weight
  • 133LBS/Bale
  • 30LBS/Box


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