B Grade New Huck Towels / Surgical Towels



B Grade New Huck Towels / Surgical Towels


New Never Used. These Towels Are Bi-Product of A-Grade. After Sorting of A Grade, These Are Leftover Towels Because of Some Stains, thread Shorts and have snagged thread


  • 150LBS / Bale
  • 30LBS / Box
  • B Grade Blue Huck
  • B Grade Green Huck
  • B Grade White Huck
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These are general purpose towels. Grade B Huck Towels, comes in all WHITE or COLORED. Sock availability can vary, we do not manufacture seconds, they are by product of first run production. Second Grade B” Huck Towel are ideal for cleaning glass, windows, and mirrors, you can also use them for cleaning in food service areas, all kinds of Kitchens, gyms, economy hotels, nursing homes, country clubs, hospitals, physical therapy clinics, and for health care. Great for areas with heavy towel loss, or towel abuse. Huck towels are a great value for the price. Size: 15″ x 30″. Made of 100% cotton. Available in Green, Blue and White.

30LBS / Box (Approx 240 pieces)

150LBS / Bale (Approx 1200 pieces)



  • Size: 15″ x 30″
  • 100% Cotton
  • Weight: 24 oz./doz.
  • Blue, Green & White
  • Grade B 2nd Huck Towel
  • Sold by the weight


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