B Grade Bath Towel Blue Striped 20×40 / 24×48



B Grade Bath Towel Blue Striped 20×40 / 24×48


New Never Used. These Towels Are Bi-Product of A-Grade. After Sorting of A Grade, These Are Leftover Towels Because of Some Stains, thread Shorts and have snagged thread



  • 20×40
  • 24×48
  • 10 Dozens
  • 20 Dozes
  • 25 Dozens
  • 5 Dozens
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These are general purpose towels. Grade B Bath Towels, comes in all Center Colored Striped. Sock availability can vary, we do not manufacture seconds, they are by product of first run production. Second Grade B” Bath Towel are most popular in Hotels, Motels and Restaurants for where a terry bath towel is needed. Terry bath towels are thick and highly-absorbent. These Bath towel are Cam Border, hemmed on all four sides. 2nd Grade Towels usually have some stains, thread short, and have snagged thread. Wash and dry prior to first use for best performance.


  • Center Stripe Bath Towel
  • Grade B 2nd’s Bath Towel
  • Thick
  • Highly-absorbent
  • Cam Border
  • Hemmed on all four sides.
  • Wash and Dry
  • Sold by the Dozens
  • All items shipped compressed
  • Require Laundering to fluff there pile


  • 20X40 5.00LBS/Dozen
  • 24×48 8.00LBS/Dozen


  • 20X40 5.00LBS/Dozen
  • 24×48 8.00LBS/Dozen


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