Herringbone Kitchen Towels Grade B 30LBS



Herringbone Kitchen Towels Grade B 30LBS

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These Second Quality Center Green Striped 100% Cotton Herringbone Kitchen Towels are used in All kinds of Kitchens, gyms, economy hotels, nursing homes, hospitals and General Cleaning (some pieces are irregular and have some stains, can also be use as rags). They are nonabrasive, very soft, and lint-free and are designed for drying delicate Kitchen Towels Great for areas with heavy towel loss, or towel abuse. These towels are a great value for the price. Size: 15″ x 26″. Made of 100% cotton. Available with a Green Center Stripe. Before their first use, Washing and Drying is recommended. Crush packed in 30 LB Box (Approximately 270pcs).


  • B Grade 2nd Quality
  • Center Green Striped
  • Herringbone Kitchen Towels
  • Size: 15×26
  • Sold by the weight
  • 30LBS/Box


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