Wash Cloth 12×12 0.75 LBS White 100% Cotton Economy



Wash Cloth 12×12 0.75 LBS White 100% Cotton Economy


Face Wash, Bathroom, Nail Salon, Hair & Beauty Salon, SPA, GYM & Restaurant


  • 10 Dozens
  • 100 Dozens
  • 5 Dozens
  • 50 Dozens

These wash cloth are ideal for Nail Salon, Hotels, Vacation Rental, Janitorial Cleaning, Hair Beauty Salon, Spa, Gym and Restaurant. These towels are economy quality, and 100% cotton towels.

These great wash cloth towels feature a popular single cam border decorative design and tucked selvages with assured consistency throughout. Cotton under weave for strength and reduced shrinkage, with 100% cotton loops and better absorbency.

They measure 12″x12″ in size and weigh 0.75 pounds per dozen and are ideal for usage where repeated machine washing are necessary.

Great for Hotels, Vacation Rental Properties, Golf, Spas, Salon & Gyms, or just an excellent addition to your linen closet at home!


  • Size 12×12 inch
  • Item weight 0.75lb/dz.
  • Single CAM Border
  • Thick
  • Highly-absorbent
  • Hemmed on all four sides.
  • Wash and Dry
  • Sold by the dozens
  • 5 dozens
  • 10 dozens
  • 50 dozens
  • 100 dozens


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