Bath Towels | Hotels | SPA | GYM Towels 22″X44″ Brown



Bath Towels | Hotels | SPA | GYM Towels 22″X44″ Brown


Hotels, Vacation Rental, Janitorial Cleaning, Hair Beauty Salon, SPA, GYM & Restaurant


  • 12 Peices
  • 48 Pieces
  • 6 Peices

These bath towels are ideal for Hotels, Vacation Rental, Janitorial Cleaning, Hair Beauty Salon, Spa, Gym and Restaurant. These towels are guaranteed, premium quality, and 100% cotton towels.

These great bath towels feature a popular single cam dobby border decorative design and tucked selvages with assured consistency throughout. Cotton under weave for strength and reduced shrinkage, with 100% cotton loops for an ultra soft feel and better absorbency.

They measure 22″x44″ in size and weigh 6 pounds per dozen (bleach resistant) only non-chlorine bleach and are ideal for usage where repeated machine washing are necessary.

Great for Hotels, Vacation Rental Properties, Golf, Spas, Salon & Gyms, or just an excellent addition to your linen closet at home!


  • 100% Cotton
  • Size 22″X44″
  • Item weight 6.00lb/dz.
  • Bleach Resistant (Only NON-CHLORINE BLEACH)
  • Single CAM Dobby Border
  • Wash and Dry
  • Sold by the pieces
  • 6 pieces
  • 12 pieces
  • 48 pieces


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